Property Owners – Q & A

I pay property taxes, which includes the cost of the fire department services, so how is it the Fire Department is charging again for this service?

You are not being charged again. Your property taxes pay for the fixed costs of your fire department, things like the Fire Hall and its equipment. The additional costs the Fire Department incurs attending the fire at your property are eligible to be recovered through your property policy.

Do the funds Fire Marque Inc. collects go to the Fire Department?
Yes. All funds must go to the Fire Department; it’s in the legal agreement with your municipality.
Will my insurance rates go up as a result of the Fire Marque program?
No. Your property insurance policy already has the Fire Department expense coverage in it.

Insurance companies have calculated premiums to include charges for your Fire Department services. Fire Marque recovers these funds for your Fire Department as per the coverage.

If Fire Marque’s invoice is more than my insurance coverage, do I have to pay the balance outstanding?
No. This is defined by the Federal definition of Indemnification Technology®
Will I have to pay my insurance deductible?
The firefighting expense coverage is usually subject to a separate limit and no deductible applies. It’s also in the Federal definition of Indemnification Technology®.
Does Fire Marque Inc. have a legal right to claim reimbursement of these expenses?
Yes. In addition to the User Fee Bylaw, Fire Marque Inc. has an agreement with your municipality. This gives Fire Marque Inc. the legal right to collect funds through Indemnification Technology®. All municipal agreements are available under the Freedom of Information Act.
Will the Fire Department Charges reduce my insurance payout or the amount of my insurance coverage?
No. The expense a Fire Department incurs will not reduce your insurance payout.
Do I receive an invoice from the Fire Department?
It is Fire Marque’s policy to keep you fully informed. You receive copies of all letters and invoices sent to your insurance company.
Why is my name and address on the invoice?
This is where the Fire Department Services were provided.
Why are there so many volunteer firefighters attending?
When the Volunteer Firefighter’s pager goes off, they immediately rush to their designated fire station. The first firefighters to arrive at the station jump into Bunker Gear (fire suits) and are dispatched to the fire. The ladder truck, pumper truck, utility truck (air tanks), tanker trucks arrive at your property.

The volunteer firefighters who arrive at the station after the trucks have left the fire hall remain there for backup duties or replacements. When units return, the firefighters who remained at the fire hall prepare the units for the next call.